Crispin Glover I wish you were on my T.V.

30 January 1981
I spend most of my time with my boyfriend Arch.
We have been a couple for over three months now.
We met online and have a long distance phone/online relationship.
We have seen each other in person twice.
I enjoy playing WarCraft with him. For The Horde!
I listen to a lot of music.
My favorite kinds of music are Rock, Metal, Goth, Classic Rock, Trip-Hop, and Oldies.
I'm currently going through a divorce.
I live alone.
I'm antisocial.
I'm also a bit of a recluse.


WarCraft Info

My WarCraft Guild:
Shandris: Umbrage

My WarCraft Characters:

Wakanda - Tauren Shaman - Level 70.
Drexiga - Orc Warrior - Level 13.
Theophania - Blood Elf Mage - Level 12.

Drexiga - Ork Warlock - Level 20.
Bonnisa - Tauren Druid - Level 18.
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