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Sweet Days Of Summer -The Jasmine's In Bloom July Is Dressed Up And Playing Her Tune.  
07:09am 28/07/2009
Saturday: I made this journal. I chatted with Arch on MSN all evening. I watched a bunch of music videos. I went to wal-mart after 2a.m. and bought some groceries. There are less people out at that time of the morning. I came home and chatted with Arch some more. Then I went to bed.

Sunday: I chatted with Arch. I cooked a meat pizza and it was yummy. I did some housework. I played Warcraft. Then I chatted with Arch some more then we played WarCraft till almost 3:30 a.m.. I got to level 66 on WarCraft with Wakanda, my Tauren Shaman character. Then we talked till after 4 a.m.. After he got off the computer I watched an episode of The Simpsons and watched music videos and listened to music.

Monday: I chatted with Arch. We played WarCraft, but not together. We still chatted on there though. I was playing a low level character, Drexiga the Orc Warrior, and he was making stuff. We chatted on MSN, too.
He got off for a little while to go to the store. When he got back we chatted till after 7a.m. Tuesday morning.
mood: okayokay
music: Type O Negative.
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