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My Week.  
12:15am 08/08/2009
Monday: I chatted with Arch all morning. We both watched the show Fringe and talked about it some. It's a cool show. I hadn't seen it before and he sent me a link. After we both went to bed and woke up later we chatted some more and played WarCraft some.

Tuesday: Arch and I chatted before and after I got ready to go to court. I went and got my divorce. Then I went and talked to the realtor who was handling the property I have to sell. I'm gonna put it with a different realtor. I came home and chatted with Arch. I cooked dinner. Watched some episodes of Fringe. Then Arch went to bed. I went to bed about an hour later. After we both woke up we chatted most all night.

Wednesday: I went to wal-mart at like 6 a.m.. When I got back I chatted with Arch some, but he was also doing stuff that needed to be done around his house. He chatted with me on his breaks. After that we chatted some and then he went to bed. I went to bed not long after that. I didn't wake up till late. After I woke up we chatted some more then played WarCraft for a while. We didn't play together, but we chatted on there.

Thursday: We played WarCraft together for a while this morning. He's an all-day-bad-ass on there so I usually get maybe 1 hit in on the bad guys. We chatted for a while after we finished playing WarCraft. Then he went to bed. I stayed up for two or three hours after that. Just doing stuff on the computer and I cooked and ate dinner. I went to bed after that and I didn't wake up till late. After I woke up Arch and I chatted for a while and then played WarCraft. Not together, but we chatted while we played. All his character are over 70. I have low level ones, only one of mine is a 70. The rest are 20 and under. So I like doing stuff with them sometimes.

Friday: Arch and I chatted and played WarCraft. I did some housework. I cooked a really good chicken casserole.
music: Scarling.
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