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The Weekend.  
08:54am 03/08/2009
Saturday: Arch and I played WarCraft and chatted. I got to level 70 with Wakanda! Arch gave me the gold to get my flying mount and train and showed me how to use it. That was nice of him. I mailed some stuff I sold on ebay. Arch went to bed after 10a.m. and I did the same a little while later. I got woken up by thunder later that afternoon. After Arch got up we chatted all evening and night.

Sunday: Arch and I chatted all morning. I played WarCraft for a few minutes and chatted with him on there. I got sleepy and went to bed after 9a.m. Arch and I both woke up about the same time Sunday evening and we chatted all night. I did some housework to.
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Scarling.
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