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Summer breeze makes me feel fine Blowin' through the jasmine in my mind.  
10:17am 01/08/2009
Tuesday: After I woke up I chatted with Arch. I had to go tend to some business that has to do with my divorce. It came up a rain storm. After I got back I chatted with Arch some more until he went to the store. After he got back we chatted some more and then we played WarCraft. I'm level 67 now with my Tauren Shaman Wakanda. Yay!

Wednesday: Arch and I chatted in the morning then went to bed. After we both woke up we chatted all evening and night. We played WarCraft together for a few hours. It was fun. It thundered all evening, but I didn't check to see if it rained any. We played Warcraft again for a few more hours together. After we got off of WarCraft, Arch and I chatted till 7:30a.m. Thursday morning when he was falling asleep. Oh, yeah. I got to level 68 with Wakanda on Warcraft! Arch gave me a level 68 shield gift-wrapped up for her. That was cool.

Thursday: I got woke up today because it was thundering. Arch and I chatted. We played WarCraft a lot. I got to level 69 with Wakanda tonight! After we finished playing WarCraft I went to wal-mart and bought groceries. After I got back Arch and I chatted and I ate supper and then we played WarCraft some more.

Friday: Arch got to level 70 with his character Kadun, a Tauren Death Knight. So that was cool. We played WarCraft till after 8 a.m.. I went to bed after we chatted a few minutes after getting off of WarCraft. After we both got online we chatted all night.
mood: okayokay
music: Bauhaus
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