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My Week.  
12:15am 08/08/2009
Monday: I chatted with Arch all morning. We both watched the show Fringe and talked about it some. It's a cool show. I hadn't seen it before and he sent me a link. After we both went to bed and woke up later we chatted some more and played WarCraft some.

Tuesday: Arch and I chatted before and after I got ready to go to court. I went and got my divorce. Then I went and talked to the realtor who was handling the property I have to sell. I'm gonna put it with a different realtor. I came home and chatted with Arch. I cooked dinner. Watched some episodes of Fringe. Then Arch went to bed. I went to bed about an hour later. After we both woke up we chatted most all night.

Wednesday: I went to wal-mart at like 6 a.m.. When I got back I chatted with Arch some, but he was also doing stuff that needed to be done around his house. He chatted with me on his breaks. After that we chatted some and then he went to bed. I went to bed not long after that. I didn't wake up till late. After I woke up we chatted some more then played WarCraft for a while. We didn't play together, but we chatted on there.

Thursday: We played WarCraft together for a while this morning. He's an all-day-bad-ass on there so I usually get maybe 1 hit in on the bad guys. We chatted for a while after we finished playing WarCraft. Then he went to bed. I stayed up for two or three hours after that. Just doing stuff on the computer and I cooked and ate dinner. I went to bed after that and I didn't wake up till late. After I woke up Arch and I chatted for a while and then played WarCraft. Not together, but we chatted while we played. All his character are over 70. I have low level ones, only one of mine is a 70. The rest are 20 and under. So I like doing stuff with them sometimes.

Friday: Arch and I chatted and played WarCraft. I did some housework. I cooked a really good chicken casserole.
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There was nothing left to lose Despite the time we've spent Nothing left for you.  
02:25am 05/08/2009
I'm officially divorced now. John and I went to the courthouse today, Tuesday, and got our divorce. We had been married almost ten years. Together for almost eleven years. We started dating when I was 17 and he was 19. There wasn't any cheating or anything like that going on. Like I didn't meet Arch online till almost 3 months after I told John I wanted a divorce. We just had problems from the start and we both worked at it but just couldn't get through them. Plus, we are two of the most stubborn people to ever grace the planet earth. So that caused problems. John didn't want a divorce. That was all me. He didn't fight me on it. So that was good.

I've got my maiden name back. I like that. I'm a Ms. again.
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Cluster Headaches.  
04:13am 04/08/2009
This is what my boyfriend Arch has. I will mention them a lot so if you would like to know more about them this article is good.

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The Weekend.  
08:54am 03/08/2009
Saturday: Arch and I played WarCraft and chatted. I got to level 70 with Wakanda! Arch gave me the gold to get my flying mount and train and showed me how to use it. That was nice of him. I mailed some stuff I sold on ebay. Arch went to bed after 10a.m. and I did the same a little while later. I got woken up by thunder later that afternoon. After Arch got up we chatted all evening and night.

Sunday: Arch and I chatted all morning. I played WarCraft for a few minutes and chatted with him on there. I got sleepy and went to bed after 9a.m. Arch and I both woke up about the same time Sunday evening and we chatted all night. I did some housework to.
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music: Scarling.
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Summer breeze makes me feel fine Blowin' through the jasmine in my mind.  
10:17am 01/08/2009
Tuesday: After I woke up I chatted with Arch. I had to go tend to some business that has to do with my divorce. It came up a rain storm. After I got back I chatted with Arch some more until he went to the store. After he got back we chatted some more and then we played WarCraft. I'm level 67 now with my Tauren Shaman Wakanda. Yay!

Wednesday: Arch and I chatted in the morning then went to bed. After we both woke up we chatted all evening and night. We played WarCraft together for a few hours. It was fun. It thundered all evening, but I didn't check to see if it rained any. We played Warcraft again for a few more hours together. After we got off of WarCraft, Arch and I chatted till 7:30a.m. Thursday morning when he was falling asleep. Oh, yeah. I got to level 68 with Wakanda on Warcraft! Arch gave me a level 68 shield gift-wrapped up for her. That was cool.

Thursday: I got woke up today because it was thundering. Arch and I chatted. We played WarCraft a lot. I got to level 69 with Wakanda tonight! After we finished playing WarCraft I went to wal-mart and bought groceries. After I got back Arch and I chatted and I ate supper and then we played WarCraft some more.

Friday: Arch got to level 70 with his character Kadun, a Tauren Death Knight. So that was cool. We played WarCraft till after 8 a.m.. I went to bed after we chatted a few minutes after getting off of WarCraft. After we both got online we chatted all night.
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Sweet Days Of Summer -The Jasmine's In Bloom July Is Dressed Up And Playing Her Tune.  
07:09am 28/07/2009
Saturday: I made this journal. I chatted with Arch on MSN all evening. I watched a bunch of music videos. I went to wal-mart after 2a.m. and bought some groceries. There are less people out at that time of the morning. I came home and chatted with Arch some more. Then I went to bed.

Sunday: I chatted with Arch. I cooked a meat pizza and it was yummy. I did some housework. I played Warcraft. Then I chatted with Arch some more then we played WarCraft till almost 3:30 a.m.. I got to level 66 on WarCraft with Wakanda, my Tauren Shaman character. Then we talked till after 4 a.m.. After he got off the computer I watched an episode of The Simpsons and watched music videos and listened to music.

Monday: I chatted with Arch. We played WarCraft, but not together. We still chatted on there though. I was playing a low level character, Drexiga the Orc Warrior, and he was making stuff. We chatted on MSN, too.
He got off for a little while to go to the store. When he got back we chatted till after 7a.m. Tuesday morning.
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music: Type O Negative.
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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?  
09:47pm 25/07/2009
This is my new livejournal. I haven't been keeping one up since like last year really. So I thought it was a good time to start a new one. Anyway, I don't know how much I will post but I will try to post every couple of days or so.
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